Palestine Book exchange

The Palestine Book Exchange is a very simple club to join. No forms to fill or fees to pay. It is open to anyone who owns a book on the Palestinian struggle that they are willing to swap. If you don't already own a book you can buy any one of ours, suggested donation £5, and you're a member!

Once you have read the book you can exchange it with any other of our books, repeat as often as you like. No charge. The best bit? If you live in Torquay free delivery and collection is included. Just email or text 07519 280048

Buy one, read many...

Current book list

You might notice some of these books are hard to find for under £5 or even £10. The aim is not to make money but to share information. £5 is an average to cover costs we have incurred which will allow us to keep adding books.

We will attempt to keep a copy of each available but apologies if a book you want isn't available when you request it. We hope another will be of interest if that happens. If you want to buy more than one, maybe to give as a present, please do.

We're on the lookout for an exchange point, if you know a suitable and willing business in Torquay let us know.