A bit of real history

War was thrust upon a peaceful people The Nakba / catastrophe

In 1948 around 75% of all Palestinians were driven from their fertile fields and onto those stoney mountains of the West Bank. Israel prevented virtually all Palestinians from returning afterward. It also demolished around 500 Palestinian towns and villages during the Nakba in an attempt to efface the Palestinian presence from the land.

Even the poor land of the West Bank was not safe, in 1967 a further 400,000 Palestinians were forced from their land and since then, until today, house demolitions, house occupation by settlers and violent expulsions from their land has been ongoing against the Palestinians in the West Bank. A slow but steady continuation with the stated ultimate aim of removing all Palestinians from Palestine. An ethnic cleansing.

Can you work out which year? It could be any of 75

Where apart from in occupied Palestine are bulldozers a weapon of war? That should be proof enough of the intention of the Israelis.

Since 1948 the dominant western world share a history with the Palestinians. A history of Palestinian suffering and struggle, and a corresponding history of our negligent failure to stand up for justice. The Palestinians still living in refugee camps will not feel it is too late for us to right that wrong.

What is the just solution

Of course it would be for those that lost their land to decide what if any compromise they would consider acceptable.

As a thought experiment though, would we have expected the Africans to accept a "two state solution" in South Africa? They have the overcrowded townships and have to stay in them and the Europeans keep all the good farmland and coast which the Africans can only enter to work for the Europeans.

Also consider what the past, present and future might be like if the Jews had emigrated to Palestine without the modern ideology of Zionism. The Jews had a long history of finding sanctuary with Muslims when persecuted by Europeans. If they had moved to Palestine with the intention of being equals and neighbours how might things have been different? Respected Orthodox Rabbi Dovid Feldman said, "We [Jews, Muslims & Christians] lived in peace in Palestine before the invention of Zionism, and we hope we can do it again in the future."

Ultimately the state of Israel is a tiny utterly isolated entity solely relient on outside countries to supply their needs. If democracy in our nations has any meaning it should be possible to force our governments to refuse to deal with them until there is a genuine resolution to this ongoing injustice.

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